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  Rev Dr Michael Dalseno
International Director

Rev Dr Michael Dalseno
Michael Dalseno is a highly professional educator, pastor and teacher. Dr Michael has been teaching the Word of God in various capacities for more than 20 years, and was the Academic Dean of an Assemblies of God Bible college in Australia for 15 years, later including Principal and College Board Member. He was first ordained with the Assemblies of God in Australia in 1999. His background is broad and experienced. Following initial university studies in Economics and Business, he became a lecturer in Advanced Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Financial Issues for a number of years at Australian universities, commencing at Macquarie University, Sydney, & later including Charles Sturt University, the University of Southern Queensland, and James Cook Univeristy. He later formed his own private company, functioning as managing director for almost a decade, bringing him more in touch with the public and world at large.

Soon, the call of the Lord brought him back into further learning and teaching, only this time in Bible, Theology, Leadership and Practical ministry. His initial formal Bible training was undertaken at Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon, USA (a ministry of City Bible Church), learning under many notable Bible teachers, pastors and leaders, including Ps Dick Iverson, Ps Kevin Conner, and Ps Frank Damazio. From there, he returned with his wife and children to Australia and commenced a teaching and academic post at an AG Bible College. During his early years there, he studied for Masters and Doctoral degrees in Pastoral Ministry and Theology, and wrote the content material for many subjects taught at the College. He also supervised Lecturing staff, developed curriculums, ensured the accredited standards of the curriculum were maintained, performed internal audits, wrote subjects, and streamlined many of the College's administrative processes.

Having realized a need for further development and more professional educational expertise on a global scale, he completed a Research Doctorate in the Faculty of Education, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, his thesis investigating the transmission of Church-based values and culture to church participants and college students. His thesis, "Made in the Image of the Church: The Transmission of Church-based Values" (accessible at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia) found a remarkable degree of Church-based "culture" transferred to members, including a disproportionate balance in the use of authority, low tolerance for genuine leadership sharing, poor Biblical training, a bent towards 'pop culture' frequently at odds with Biblical principles, and strong unwritten codes of compliance. It found that Church "culture" can be either a positive force for the organization and its members or a very negative one at odds with a true "biblical culture." Dr. Michael continues to specialize in the study of cultural transmission practices used by church leaders, church organizations and corporations generally, as well as the cultural demands and expectations that are embedded in the words and phrases of oral messages, written documents, and English language. His primary teaching and research efforts are in Ethics and Cultural Transmission, primarily at postgraduate level.

Michael has written extensive College notes and materials, has authored various articles for magazines and journals, and has authored textbooks. Over the years he has been a member of various committees and boards, reviewed the theological content for credential applicants in north Queensland, Australia, assisted in the editing of manuscripts for publication, edited Doctoral, MBA,  and higher degree university theses manuscripts for submission to examiners, and served on an Australian university human ethics committee in evaluating student and academic staff higher research proposals. He holds various professional memberships such as with the Australian College of Educators (Mebourne University) , Certified Practicing Accountants, Asia Pacific Theological Association, and remains available for advice and editing of post-graduate degrees (he may be contacted at the College's email address). Dr Michael is an Adjunct Professor at other Christian-based Colleges, Seminaries and Graduate Schools, including Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and Alpha Omega International College. He is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God Malaysia.

Michael spends much of his time teaching and engaging with a number of Logos College Training Centres, as well as writing, studying, mentoring and inspiring students. His special hobby and interest is mountain bike riding for exercise and recreation.

BEc(Hons), MCom, AssTh, MDiv, DMin, EdD, FCPA, MACE, APTA, OMC.

Formal Publications and Writings Include:

·         “Sustaining Your Possibilities” AOG National Evangel Magazine, June/July 1996;

·         “Intolerance” AOG National Evangel Magazine, October 1996;

·         “Euthanasia: The Tip of the Iceberg” AOG Minister’s Bulletin, December 1996;

·         “An Unexpected Hernia” AOG Minister’s Bulletin, October 1997;

·         “Renewing our Focus” Joy Magazine, United Kingdom., November 1997;

·         “Enemies of Church Growth” AOG Minister’s Bulletin, March 1998;

·         “Value-Added Christians” AOG National Evangel Magazine, November 1998;

·         “Secure Moorings in Troubled Times” Leadership Now, Feb.1999;

·         “The Culture of College” Association of Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministries of Australasia (PCBC), Feb.2000;

·         Changing Perceptions of Leaders in Education, PCBC, August 2001;

·         “The Leader as Locksmith” Leadership Now, Oct.2001;

·        Dalseno, M. (2000). Governance in an AOG Church. Contexts and Patterns of Leadership and Governance, CTL 8262, Faculty of Education, Griffith University;

·         Dalseno, M. (2000). Analysis of a Dress Code Document relevant to AOG Students Undertaking On-campus Courses in a Ministry Training College.  Document and Policy Analysis, CTL 8262, Faculty of Education, Griffith University;

·         Dalseno, M. (2000). A Case of Inappropriate Structure Accentuated by Professional Background. Case Studies, CLS 8242, Faculty of Education, Griffith University;

·         Dalseno, M. (2001). Student Perceptions on “What Constitutes an Effective leader.” Rhema College of Christian Ministries, Townsville;

·        Dalseno, M, P. (2002). Made In The Image Of The Church: The Transmission Of Church-Based Values. Griffith University Doctoral Thesis, Mt. Gravatt Campus, Brisbane.

·         “Made in the Image of the Church: how and why members adopt church-based values, PCBC, April 2004;

·         I AM WHO I AM, 266 pages, Dals Publications. August 2004, a practical-life commentary on the Pentateuch;

·         TREASURE YOUR WORTH, 175 pages, Dals Publications.March 2005, a book for youth/young adults on living in moral purity;

·         OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY, 254 pages, Dals Publications. January 2007, a practical-life commentary on Old Testament History, Joshua to Esther.

·         Short Bulletin Articles by Dr. Dalseno are also available on a regular basis: see Resources Menu.

·         Course Notes, Materials and Assessments 1992 -present.



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