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The College is responsible to the overseeing College Board and energized by a Leadership College Development Team consisting of pastors, leaders, professionals, and qualified curriculum advisors. It is primarily administered from its Asia/Pacific base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the First AG Church as its spiritual oversight - now celebrating its 80th year since its historic founding in 1934. Its courses also have strong Assemblies of God and historical underpinnings in Australia, going back as far as 1978. The following provides a brief account of some of this influential College's amazing history.

Logos International Leadership College

The reality of a Leadership Training College, centrally based in Asia, was finalized in 2005 following the directives of the 1st Assembly of God Church, Kuala Lumpur. The initiative began much earlier, in 2001, following the influence and leadership of Ps Tony Hallo in association with 1stAG Church KL. From that early initiative a number of pastors, teachers and leaders visited on a regular annual basis contributing resources and courses for the building of what was hoped would become a fully independent College in Asia.  The teaching of subjects on a part-time and casual basis continued over the early formative years until the initial hope was realized, and a formal independent College was subsequently inaugurated in 2005 to serve the Asia/Pacific region as well as globally, specializing in e-learning delivery. Its Courses and subjects became extensively developed in 2006 & 2007 with significant upgrading, electronic conversion and investment. The College now functions in an international capacity with the support of a highly capable and active leadership team. Its strength lies in e-learning, Online Studies, Distance Education, Leadership Training, and providing local Church Leadership Training Colleges for Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and other nations around the world. It has quality partnerships with other Colleges, including Alpha Omega International College, which offers fully accredited bachelor and Master degrees and transfer pathways for Logos students. Logos also supplies other Colleges with subjects and curriculum resources.

College E-mail: registrar@logoscollege.org




First Assembly of God Church,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Logos International Leadership College comes under the general oversight of the First Assembly of God Church, Kuala Lumpur, as we believe in the covering of educational Colleges by the Local Church for spiritual oversight, relevancy and authenticity. This central base for the College was well conceived and considered, given the history and strength of First AG Church. The church was the first Assembly of God church to be founded in Malaysia in 1934, by Ms Corrie. Anderson, an American missionary, and has spawned, directly or indirectly, many AG churches in Malaysia. By the grace of God, it has survived the Great Depression, World War II, and the rigors of time and change. Most AG churches and AG organizations in Malaysia can trace, directly or indirectly, some sort of historical link to First AG Church. As the “Mother” AG church in Malaysia, it is therefore a worthy and proven provider of Courses. The church remains committed to its spiritual and pastoral mandate of a "feeder" Church, and is thereby dedicated to the impartation, training and equipping of members of the Body of Christ, both local and abroad. The website address of First AG church is www.firstassembly.org.my

The Church Address is within walking distance of the KL City Centre,  at:
17, Jalan Sayor, Off Jalan Pudu, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: 03-21446773 Fax: 03-21424895 

Church E-mail: firstag@firstassembly.org.my

Church Website:      www.firstassembly.org.my







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