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This college promotes the welfare, growth and strength of the local church and, hence, takes its training responsibilities seriously. Students are encouraged, and expected, to faithfully and regularly attend their local church, to participate in field practicums within their local church, and to contribute to its vision.

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If you need to withdraw from study, either temporary or long-term, please inform our office by phone, email or letter. Then, if you re-enrol at a later date, it will not be necessary to re-pay an enrolment fee.

We do understand that, at times, learners/students are temporarily unable to continue studies due to unforeseen circumstances. We do pray, however, that a deferring student pick up a study of the Word of God when convenient in the future, and to fulfil what you believe the Lord has said to you regarding equipping yourself with a sound knowledge and application of the Word.

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Fees are paid prior to downloading a subject. A nominal Registration fee is payable only once on application. Flexibility and personal choice is a key feature of the college, enabling students to study at their own pace, matching their studies to their own unique context, and receiving training and equipping that is user-friendly and reputable. It is our aim to keep fees at a low and affordable rate.

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Initial Registration fees and fees paid to download a subject is not refundable. Please check to see that you are paying for the subject you have elected to study. Fees mistakenly paid toward a wrong subject may be transferred by our administration to another subject by request. 

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As a general rule, any photocopying of college materials (notes, texts, materials or assignments) is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the College. See our website menu on Copyright for clarification.

Individual students should photocopy or electronically record their completed assignments for their own records prior to sending them to the college for marking. This will help to alleviate problems if your material is irretrievably lost in transmission. Student assessments must also be retained by the College for record and audit purposes, and hence, will not be returned with markings on them. Please contact the College for any further desired feedback on assessments beyond that which is provided in electronic correspondence to you. We recommend that students retain a copy of all feeback from us as well. 

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The College provides students with comprehensive lecture notes and accompanying assignments for most subjects. Students are required to supply their own Bible and learning aids such as a computer. A few modules may require the purchase of a textbook (some of which can be provided and posted by the College, or electronically downloadable).

Following Registration and the purchase of your first subject, a student electronically receives notes and assignments for his/her first subject. The assignments for a module are then completed by the student in his/her own time and electronically forwarded to the College for marking. At this time another module should be purchased so as to avoid too large a study gap from dispatching your assignment and receiving a mark for it (as it may take 2-3 weeks turnaround time for assignments to be marked, and perhaps longer during vacation periods). If you require additional subjects, simply pay the relevant fees and download the contents. Otherwise, we recommend that you study one module at a time in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter at hand.

Logos College frequently uses the NIV Bible, New American Standard, or King James versions in its notes. However, please feel free to use your own translation keeping in mind the variations that may occur in wording.

Study material (such as texts, or notes in special cases) requiring parcel post will be sent by post-paid surface mail. The cost of postage is billed to the student. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery in remote areas. Students may request material to be sent by express mail but the extra cost will be billed to the student. In most cases, subjects and assignment material is available on our website, and may be completed electronically.

NOTE: If a student prefers to download and print the assignment, and write out the answers and post the relevant pages to us, that is quite acceptable. We do recognize that some students prefer to work on paper rather than on a computer screen. You may even choose to print out the notes, and write out your answers electronically. All these options are available as we want you, the student, to be comfortable with the study method that suits you best.

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Should a student feel that any issue, whether academic or administrative, relating to him/her has not been handled effectively the matter shall be put in writing to the Registrar. A panel will be arranged consisting of the Director, the College Registrar and the English Service Pastor. Each complaint, grievance and appeal is to be submitted in writing. The panel will provide a written statement to the student of the appeal outcome and reasons for the decision. The complaint, grievance or appeal should normally be current, relevant and contextual so that a workable solution may be reached. The decision of the panel will be final.

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It is expected that godly character will accompany personal study. Increased knowledge and revelation should be outworked in a person’s life. Any development of, or return to, habits such as pornography, drugs or profane language, etc, should be absolutely avoided. The College also has the right to refuse transmission of course content, cancel enrolment in a course, and cease administrative processing, if a client/student is abusive or harasses other students and staff. 

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The College gives the assurance that its courses adhere to its prescribed curriculum, is sound and orthodox in its teaching, is non-sectarian, and promotes peace, welfare and the wellbeing of a nation to which one belongs. Changes and upgrades in notes and assessments will, however, occur from time to time.

All of our subjects and courses are underpinned by an ethic of quality, and aim to provide sufficient quantity in order to gain a reasonably comprehensive overview of the subject matter at hand.

Although the subjects and courses aim at high academic standards, they are not presented in a complex way that requires critical analysis and rigorous assessments. Hence, the respective subjects are philosophically aimed more at a “vocational training” level than academic critique (the latter of which is more in the realm of post-graduate courses provided by many other quality institutions). We aim to fill a gap between advanced theological degrees and unstructured study on a casual basis.

Our commitment to the student body, local churches, student employers, transfer credit colleges, etc, is that our courses will be prepared, delivered and assessed in accordance with the stated and implied standards (e,g,. professional delivery and valid and reliable assessment).

NOTE: In no way does the College IMPLY or INTEND to deliver more than is described in this website. If students or users of this website are unsure or uncertain as to the mode, method, depth or breadth of Course delivery, please contact us by email for clarification. Interpretations of delivery outcomes can vary from person to person, and the student needs to be clear for him/herself that the objectives that he/she has in mind regarding Course satisfaction can be met by the College.

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This college does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race or gender.

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