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It is agreed that this organization will operate within the principles and standards of sound Christian ministry education.

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Student applicants will be considered free of gender and racial bias. This includes a focus on the needs of clients irrespective of their status, background, and conditions. Our policy of non-discrimination applies to the point of entry, learning and graduation.

Students/clients may access their records and results from their personal student portal on the website, accessable by password. Personal records and files will not be divulged by this College to a third party without written consent of the client. All personal information is kept in safekeeping and confidentiality. All student records are retained by the College for future verification and audit purposes.

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The College is committed to providing quality training products and thereby maintains an underlying ethos of improvement. Given the periodic interaction and feedback of staff, clients, and industry representatives, this College aims to maintain quality management at all relevant levels.

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Our primary aim in the presentation of our training products is to satisfy the needs of our clients as reflected in our approved courses. This includes an appropriate evaluation at entry, delivery, and graduation. Services will be provided as approved, including adequate assessment and issue of qualifications. Quality Client Service also includes appropriate policies of Recognition of Prior Learning, fair and equitable refunds, Grievance procedure, Access and equity, and staff guidance.

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A sound financial and administrative practice underlies the delivery of our training products. This includes suitable clerical staff, physical resources, proper financial stewardship and management, and overall oversight, authority, and direction. Records are suitably maintained confidentially, and are available for perusal on request by the student. The College also maintains income, expenditure, asset, liability and other records.

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The College presents itself and advertizes with a mix of integrity, accuracy, and professionalism. We do not intend to overstate, overstep, or exaggerate our courses, who we are, or what we do with an intention of implying more than what we are by misleading viewers, sidestepping legal issues, ignoring cultural values, or suggesting we are offering more than we are approved to. No false or misleading information is intended. Should any information be found to the contrary, please contact our offices immediately so that the matter can be rectified and resolved.

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The College has physical and human resources appropriate for the delivery of approved courses. This necessitates staff and personnel suitability experienced and qualified to deliver the relevant modules to clients. Records of delivery personnel are maintained as evidence of appropriateness. Training staff will not only suitably deliver training, but also suitably assess in the relevant course outcomes. Training facilities, equipment and material will also ensure a quality-training environment.

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International students are entitled to the same rights, privileges and responsibilities, as outlined above.

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