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  A welcome note from the Director



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Michael P. Dalseno

Thank you for your inquiry. Choosing to study or train through LOGOS will see you embarking on a rewarding and meaningful journey that will help equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge, Biblical tools and practical experience for leadership and lifetime service to the Lord.

Not everyone finds attending an on-campus Bible college or undertaking an advanced Theological degree to be a satisfactory option, and this is where we can help fill a niche in the training of leaders for the local church at a Vocational level (Certificate/Diploma). Regardless of where you live, this is an opportunity for you to learn at an individualized pace, at a convenient time, and in a personalized place. In a globalized world in which electronic data can be easily transmitted, Training can now be easily communicated outside of the traditional delivery formats.  This is where LOGOS can help as it is fully Internet enabled from initial enrolment to downloading courses, undertaking assignments, paying fees, submitting assessments and receiving your earned Awards. We represent something of a "new wave" in Christian education, though essentially an old and historic one, that shifts training and equipping "to the coalface" of local church contexts, or "brings the College to the Church," rather than the other way around. We thereby focus on the "formation" of a believer/leader and not just "information."

Our materials, subjects and courses are personally rewarding, very satisfying, achievable, contemporary, and user-friendly without being at the expense of really good content and proven quality. We strongly believe that Leadership Training Colleges should maintain a strong commitment to the time-honoured qualities of Bible, Christian Foundations and practical Application, without compromise, and that service to the local church, as well as to the communities we live in, is formost. This is where our College can offer a very viable alternative; in finely balancing Substance with contemporary Relevance. We therefore place a high value on qualified and experienced instructors and course writers, because excellent practice is necessarily preceeded by excellent impartation.

Search out our two Training options: Ministry Training Packages and Bible College Courses. You can study entirely Online at a distance and at your own pace, or as part of a local Leadership Training Centre if your church decides to run one (contact us for more information). Check out our Podcasts, Weekend Intensives and available class lectures (all optional extras) if interested.

Take the challenge! .....  empower yourself and help change the world around you .....

 ... training leaders for the local Church ...  

Michael P. Dalseno


BEc(Hons), MCom, AssTh, MDiv, DMin, EdD, FCPA, MACE, APTA, OMC.

Australian College of Educators; Fellow Certified Practising Accountant; James Cook University Human Ethics Committee; Ordained Minister Assemblies of God in Australia; Officer for examining theological beliefs of AG credential aspirants; Griffith University Honour Society; Supervisor/Editor for university Doctoral and post-graduate theses; Assoc. of Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges Australasia; Asia Pacific Theological Association. 




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