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The primary purpose of Logos International Leadership College is to help prepare, train and equip men and women for Christian leadership. Our studies are strategically geared for personal and individual study. We also provide excellent subject material for the local church, in which trainees/students can study as a group, so that the church can manage and customize its own leadership development processes.

We are a Distance Education resource, bringing training and learning materials to you in the comfort of your own home, local church context, or wherever it is convenient for you to study. Attendances are not required for learning our subjects, as we are a Distance provider, however, some “practical” subjects are included which enable the student to function and to be involved in his/her own local church.

The training and learning resources are also for any believer wanting to improve his or her knowledge of the Bible, Christian foundations (Theology), and practical application of the Word of God. In a sense, every believer should possess an adequate knowledge of the Word he/she professes to believe in, as well as being conversant with basic Christian traditions and foundational beliefs. We then become appropriately equipped disciples who can defend the faith, explain it properly, and effectively participate in Christian leadership and practice. It is mandatory for the Christian leader to know God's Word, to interpret it accurately, and to apply it properly.

The various subjects and courses offered by the College provide a healthy balance of both knowledge and application. Application, without knowledge, falters in its accuracy. Knowledge, without application, falters in its impact. In order to function effectively as a Christian, one must understand the content of the Word, how to apply it, and why to apply it. It is for these reasons that the various courses offered by this College draw from our curriculum STREAMS of “Bible,” “Christian foundations (or theology),” “Church ministry,” “Personal walk,” “Practicums,” and “Tools” for study and application. We do not believe in “dumbing-down” a curriculum or “softening the content” of materials simply to satisfy fads or popularize the latest emphases. Whilst it is essential to be “contemporary” in our day and “relevant” to the world we live in, it ought not be at the expense of teaching timeless truths and the foundations of sound doctrine as contained in the Word of God.

The subjects and courses offered in this curriculum are designed to be comprehensive, easy to read, stimulating, challenging, user-friendly in their approach, and covering the essentials. They also offer very “do-able” assessments for those individuals choosing to do the formal courses. Most of the assessments focus on clear specific "content" as opposed to generic "competencies" and vague generalized outcomes. Some of the latest educational trends show a move in secondary and tertiary education back towards Content, following lower than expected results in some sections of education from the decade-worn Outcomes-based education. An emphasis on content is the preferred educational paradigm adopted here.

The subjects and courses are, therefore, generally very interesting, impacting in their content, challenging, stimulating, and relevant for practical application. Students frequently comment on their satisfaction with the well-grounded and well-rounded nature of this curriculum. If God's people know their Word, they are more likely to have a deeper understanding and love for the Lord, a greater insight into their call and gifting, a greater passion for the things of God, a revitalized involvement with the local church, and an enlarged evangelistic and missionary capability. 


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