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    Logos International Leadership College Asia at the First Assembly of God Building, Kuala Lumpur
As a Church-based College, Logos International Leadership College is committed to the primacy and empowerment of the local church through the training and equipping of LEADERS. We believe that the Church is the most natural, biblical, and healthy environment in which to raise up leaders of the future… leaders who can impact their environment and change their world. We therefore represent a Christian education that shifts away from an independent college campus experience in some other location by "BRINGING THE COLLEGE TO THE CHURCH."

Our core philosophy is to raise up local church leaders… in the church, by the church and for the church. In this context, you will experience the best kind of ministry preparation, learning and development. This philosophy forms the “DNA” of our purpose and existence, for we believe that you, too, desire to be vital part of your local church.

We want to partner with you in developing your gifts, fulfilling your call, and “equipping you to change your world.” To this end, our various Subjects and Courses are designed with quality content and flexibility in mind. They can be done at your own pace, in your own time, and at a place of your choosing. You can study as a private student, as part of a Mentoring Program under a pastor/leader, or in a Local Church Leadership Training Centre.

It is through the Church that the next generation of leaders will arise in fulfilling their God-ordained purposes. It is through the Church that lives will be transformed, transitioned, and empowered for service. It is through the Church that believers will find fulfillment and expression as they discover creative and meaningful ways in which to worship God and take the land. And, it is through the Church that men and women, through the drawing and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, will find their place and function in the Body of Christ.

We have the passion to partner with the local church in developing Local Church leadership. We are committed to God’s plan for your life, to your personal spiritual growth, and to the success of your local church!

Find out more about us by further exploring this MENU, such as our History, Courses Available, Our Purpose, Vision & Mission, Our Faith, etc.


Logos International Leadership College is an Institutional Member of the Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA). 


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