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  Structural Overview

LOGOS International Leadership College offers 3 main awards (or 6 'half awards') in its Bible College program and other awards in its shorter Leadership Training programs. Each award in the Bible College program consists of a certain mix of subjects from 6 major Streams. This section focuses on the STREAMS, from which the various subjects and courses are taken, so as to inform the student of the structural makeup of the Courses. The idea of Streaming is help build BALANCE in a summative and cumulative way into its various courses, and into the lives of students. Hence, the College course draw, in a carefully constructed way, from the 6 streams of your Personal Walk with the Lord, Tools that assist you to develop in your Christian life and leadership, Practicums that get you to actually be involved in a local church, community, or overseas practical capacity, Bible subjects which teach you the scriptures, Theology which helps lay your Christian foundations and correct Christian doctrine, and Church related subjects that teach you about church life in general.


Each of the Bible College awards select a mix of subjects from certain Streams, as summarized below.

The 6 STREAMS include:

I. Personal Walk (PW)

Discipleship and Prayer
Faith Principles
Gifts of the Spirit
Living in Moral Purity
Outreach Ministry
Ethics (T)
Evangelism (UD)  

II. Tools (TL)

Study Techniques
Bible Resources
Homiletics and Preaching
Management (UD)

III. Practicums (PR)

Field Practicum 1,2,3,4,5,6
Topic Research
Applied Practicum 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9,10,11
The Giftings Course (UD) 

IV. Bible (BL)

Pentateuch 1 (Gn-Ex)
Pentateuch 2 (Lev-Deut)
Old Testament History 1 (Jos-2Sam)
Old Testament History 2 (1Kings-Esther)
Old Testament Prophets (Isaiah-Mal)
Old Testament Poetical Books(Job-Songs)
Old Testament Panorama (Gn-Mal)
New Testament Survey (Matt-Rev)
1 Corinthians
Galatians (T)
Ephesians (T)
1 & 2 Thessalonians (T)
Sermon on the Mount (T)

V. Theology (TH)

Theology and the Spirit World
Man and Sin
Apologetics (UD)

VI. Church (CH)

Pastoral Ministry (UD)
Pastoral Epistles
Life/Cell Group Ministry
Music and Worship 
Counseling (UD)
Church History
Leadership (T)
Pastoral Issues (UD)
Church Growth (UD)
Church Planting (UD)
Youth Ministry (UD)

Pentecostal Distinctives


  • The subjects marked with a “T” are text books sourced from various publishers and may have to be purchased from recommended bookstores. 
  • The subjects marked with an “UD” are still under development on this website, and are currently not available.


Each of these 6 Streams, or groups of related Subjects, are coded for identification and classification purposes, e.g., any Subject beginning with a BL is a Bible Subject. These codes will be apparent when examining the section: Course Description.

Each of the Bible College awards are “nested” within each other, i.e., each award (except the initial Associate Christian Education Cert) follows on from, and builds on, the previous award(s). For instance, a Certificate in Ministry has embedded within it the Assoc. Certificate in Ministry and the full Christian Education Certificate. Each award, therefore, fully transfers or articulates into the other, and no subject is superflous.  

All subjects and their assessments are designed to satisfy, as near as possible, the standards of the Christian Ministry Training Product, version 4, in Australia, as to its Competencies, Elements of competency, and Performance Criteria. The Elements of Competency are listed in the Menu section Accreditation, Advanced Standing & Transfer Credit. This is in order to provide a yardstick of quality for our courses and to assist students who later choose to apply for Advanced Standing or Transfer Credit to an advanced degree-based college.

In brief, our courses are estimated to match the Australian Christian Ministry Training Product as follows:



Christian Education Certificate 
Advanced Certificate in Ministry (1st Half)
Certificate IV in Christian Ministries

Advanced Certificate in Ministry (2nd Half)

Diploma in Ministry


Diploma of Christian Ministries


All Study Programs are prepared with local context and individual needs in mind, and are therefore highly flexible. Considerable variety is provided across all Streams, providing a balanced approach to study. It is the aim of these courses to incorporate quality and integrity, and not simply a menu of non-related subjects. Hence, the various STREAMS of Bible, Christian Foundations (Theology), Church-related themes and issues, one’s Personal Walk with the Lord, Tools for unlocking the Word and communicating it, Practical expression in local church and community, etc, provide a healthy and comprehensive approach to personal training and spiritual growth. As such, students may select from the various Streams, in a flexible format, the kind of program best tailored to suit them. As long as the stipulated requirements of the course Stream are followed (i.e., the required number of Credits from the required Streams of Subjects), and assessments passed, the relevant Certificates and Diplomas will be awarded by the College. NOTE: If students are considering Transfer Credit or Advanced Standing to a degree-based college in the future, it is recommended that they follow the Suggested Program listed in the section Courses Available.

Suggested Programs are listed on this website to guide the student if he/she is unsure as to WHICH SUBJECTS to study, from WHICH STREAM, and in WHAT ORDER (see Course Information). The Suggested Programs provide a graded, “building-blocks,” and cumulative approach in which more advanced or comprehensive subject areas draw on the foundational work of earlier subjects. It is a guide only, and the student is still free to vary his or her program of study according to his or her needs, giftings and interests. It is also possible to purchase subjects on a one-by-one basis, without having to undertake assessments, for purely personal edification, interest, or spiritual growth.

We trust you will enjoy the various programs of study! The administrative, educational and ministry resources of the College are available to help GUIDE YOU, should you need them, through contacting us at   registrar@logoscollege.org        


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