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  Chinese Mp3/ Podcast 中文

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NOTE: Audio lectures are available on a progressive basis as classes are taught on-campus. They are not compulsory for enrolled students to hear, however, the teaching can greatly increase learning and understanding as many more issues are addressed and explained than are contained in the notes. Or, listeners may choose to listen to a lecture on an area that interests them, or would like further clarification on.

We now have audio lectures in the following subjects:

   >> New Testament 新约纵览
  >> Christology 基督论
  >> Pentateuch 1 摩西五经 1
  >> Ecclesiology 教会学
  >> Life Group Ministry 小组事工
  >> Gifts of the Holy Spirit 圣灵的恩赐
  >> Pentateuch 2 摩西五经 2






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