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19-Mar-2019 God's Presence: According to the Pattern
1 Chronicles 13 tells the story. What started so well, with good intentions, ended in catastrophe. One of the ...
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12-Apr-2018 Prayer and Fruitfulness: Inextricable Linked
Mark's Gospel does something very special with this passage of scripture on the Fig Tree and the Temple.
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23-Sep-2016 Faith: The Foundation for Christian Living
What is faith, and what isn't it? When the Lord speaks to us to make a faith step we should not hold back. But never ...
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20-Aug-2015 The Season for Figs
Jesus cursed the Fig Tree (Mk.11.12-21) yet it 'was not the season for figs.' What's going on? As we will see, Mark ...
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12-May-2015 A Tribute to Mothers
What can compare to the love of a mother? Who can take from her unique position, her moral authority? Mothers stand ...
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27-Mar-2015 Collision of Culture in Corinth
The city of Corinth was indeed a spectacular place situated in a strategic location with a sumptuous appetite for ...
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27-Nov-2014 Mark's Great Surprise
The prophet Malachi, and indeed the entirety of the Old Testament, ended on a promising yet strange note; “Behold, I ...
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26-Aug-2014 "Trials" and "Tribulations"
Never a topic to be zealously researched it is, nonetheless, a theme in both Old and New Testaments.
25-Jun-2014 The Kingdom of God
From the very outset in the Book of Acts we find Luke referring to “The Kingdom of God” (Acts 1:3). Understanding ...
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23-Apr-2014 The Five Post Resurrection Words of the Lord
Based on the Book of Luke, there are five main post – resurrection words of the Lord, the first being via two ...
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15-Nov-2013 God's Answer to Man's Hopelessness
If genuine faith lies in the good soil of the human heart, then God can help and assist man in times of desperate ...
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07-Jun-2013 Hold on to Jesus!
After trawling through the English Concordance, it is soon very apparent that the Bible says a lot about “holding ...
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05-Mar-2013 Jonah: The Book of God's Love for the Gentiles
Here is a man who never did “get it” regarding God’s heart for the lost. Right from the very beginning, he was on ...
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28-Nov-2012 The Christian, Virtues and Ethics
In recent times there has been a renewed interest in Virtues. It’s one of the newest fields in Christian Ethics and ...
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29-Aug-2012 Walking in your Inheritance
May we all value the inheritance He has given to each one of us. Don’t get into the frame of mind that thinks that ...
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11-May-2012 Celebrating Motherhood
Mothers are indeed a great “GIFT” to this world, and we honour and applaud them for their great sacrifice, ...
05-Apr-2012 "Why Seek the Living among the Dead?"
A greater appreciation and realization that we serve a Living God just might challenge us to rise to a new level ...
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13-Jan-2012 Training and Equipping: Everybody Needs it
I have a choice between stagnation and regeneration. If I don’t continue to grow and serve I will somehow finish up ...
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07-Dec-2011 For Want of the Inner Temple
Why is it that many people tend to look at, or focus on, the "Outer Temple" of their lives yet neglect the ...
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22-Sep-2011 The Believer and Governing Authorities
Is there then a case for “civil disobedience,” at least in light of the scriptures (Ro.13.1-7, ...
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